How to Renew Your Section 8 Voucher in Washington

To renew your Section 8 voucher in Washington, you should first receive a renewal notification from your housing authority. Respond to this notification promptly and provide all the necessary documents and information requested. Failure to do so may result in your voucher being terminated.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics of Section 8 vouchers and why they’re important for low-income families. We’ll also provide a guide to the voucher renewal process to help families stay on top of this important requirement.


Understanding Section 8 Voucher Renewal in Washington

Many low-income Washington families depend on Section 8 vouchers, commonly known as Housing Choice vouchers. These vouchers help eligible families afford safe, adequate housing. To maintain support, Section 8 vouchers must be renewed annually.

Each Washington state public housing authority (PHA) has its own Section 8 voucher renewal process. Families receive renewal notices from their PHA. This mail will contain renewal applications and paperwork procedures.

Washington families must qualify for Section 8 voucher renewal. These include meeting the program’s family composition requirements, having a household income below 50% of the area’s median income, and having no PHA or landlord debt.

A family may lose rental assistance if they don’t renew their Section 8 voucher. Financial instability and homelessness may result. To minimize interruptions in rental assistance, families must submit renewal applications and associated documentation on time and precisely.


Receiving the Renewal Notification

The Section 8 voucher renewal process in Washington State begins with the notification process. Voucher holders are typically notified by mail when it’s time to renew their vouchers. The notice comes from their local public housing authority (PHA) and provides important information about the renewal process.

The renewal notification letter is usually sent out 60 to 90 days before the current voucher is set to expire. This gives families ample time to gather the necessary documentation and complete the renewal application. The letter will include instructions on how to renew the voucher, including any forms that need to be completed and any documentation that needs to be submitted.

It’s important to note that the renewal notification may also include important updates or changes to the program’s policies or procedures. Families should read the notification carefully and contact their PHA if they have any questions or concerns.


Preparing to Renew Your Voucher

When renewing a Section 8 voucher in Washington State, it is important for families to gather all necessary documents and information to ensure a smooth renewal process. Here’s a list of the documents and information typically required for voucher renewal:

Preparing to Renew Your Voucher


  1. Family income verification: This includes pay stubs, tax returns, and any other documentation that shows the household’s income.
  2. Family Social Security cards: Each household member must provide a copy of their Social Security card.
  3. Citizenship or legal immigration status: Families must provide documentation that shows they are U.S. citizens or have eligible immigration status.
  4. Current lease or rental agreement: Families must provide a copy of their current lease or rental agreement.
  5. Utility bills: Families may need to provide copies of recent utility bills to demonstrate their current housing expenses.
  6. Other PHA-required documentation: Families should check with their PHA to determine if any additional documentation is required for their specific renewal application.


It’s important for families to gather all necessary documents and ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. This will help prevent any delays in the renewal process and ensure that the family continues to receive rental assistance without interruption.


Submitting Your Renewal Application

Once a family has gathered all necessary documents and information for their Section 8 voucher renewal in Washington State, they can submit their renewal application to their Public Housing Authority (PHA). Families have the option to submit their renewal application online or through a paper-based option.

Online Renewal Application

Many PHAs in Washington State offer an online renewal application process, which can be completed through the PHA’s website. Families can log in to the PHA’s online portal using their login credentials, select the option for voucher renewal, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the renewal application. They will need to upload all required documentation and information and then submit the renewal application through the online portal.


Paper-Based Renewal Application

Families who prefer a paper-based renewal application process can obtain a paper application from their PHA. They can then fill out all required fields on the application, including information about household composition, income, and expenses. The completed application and all required documentation can be submitted to the PHA by mail or in person.

Families should carefully check both online and paper-based renewal application instructions and requirements to ensure they have all the essential documents and information and complete the application correctly. Families should contact their PHA with renewal questions.


Waiting for a Renewal Decision

Families must wait for a PHA ruling on Section 8 voucher renewal applications. Depending on the PHA’s renewal application volume, renewal decisions can take time. PHAs must renew applications within 60 days.

Families should call their PHA to check on their renewal application if there are delays or difficulties. The PHA’s website may also have renewal process updates. To expedite the renewal decision, families should notify the PHA of financial difficulty or other pressing circumstances.

To avoid delays and resolve concerns, get in touch with the PHA during renewal. Families should update their PHA phone number and email address. They may also want to ask how to contact the PHA during the renewal process, such as by email or phone, and when to call. Families can track their renewal application and next steps by communicating with the PHA.



In conclusion, Washington State residents must submit the required documentation and information to their Public Housing Authority online or by mail to renew their Section 8 vouchers. To avoid assistance gaps, families should arrange for renewal early. Families should continue in touch with their PHA after renewing to avoid delays and resolve concerns.

Washington State Section 8 voucher holders receive additional support. Families can contact their local PHA for renewal help or other resources like rental assistance or job training. Community organizations and legal aid services might also help them renew.

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